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Mr. Velasquez and Coach Macko
Welcome to Our Physical Education Home Page!

Please visit this page often as we will try to keep you informed of the activities in the class and advise you of events and other information.

The Class links at left will help you navigate through the various pages in our website and the other links are important school resources.
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About our Site

We have created our website as a tool for communicating with and involving our students, parents, and staff. Using this method of communication in our opinion will create a culture of wellness for every individual that comes in contact with this site. As we explore the different areas offered, we can participate, learn, and benefit from the different types of information we have to offer. We hope you can be part of our ongoing effort to make our community the healthiest, most well rounded in the nation. Join us in our quest to maintain a wellness conscious culture while having the time of our lives.

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Important Dates
District Calendars
Calendarios Escolares

2011-2012 District Calendars
Contact Mr. V
The best way to reach Mr. V is via email
Contact Coach Macko
The best way to reach Coach Macko is via email
Physical Education Resources
Resources for staff, parents, and children. Activities, Fitness, Nutrition, Water Safety, Bike Safety:

PE Central
PE Universe
Florida PE Standards
Kids Health and Nutrition
Health, Bike and Water Safety
Last Modified: Oct 04, 2011