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Physical Education Supply List
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1) Shoes:
Regular Sneakers or shoes that are safe to play in and that cover the toes.

2) Clothing: Please ensure your child dresses appropriately for physical education class and for the weather

-Warm Weather:
Short sleeve shirts

-Cold weather:
Long pants

3) Jewelry:
Please ensure your child does not wear jewelry to PE that may break or get lost. Jewelry such as dangling earrings and necklaces can also be a hazard during PE.

4) Please ensure you do not bring any toys or electronics to PE. We do not want you to lose or break anything out at PE.

5) Water Bottles:
Reusable water bottles that the student can store in their desk and bring out to physical education classes.

6) Hat and sunglasses to protect your child from the sun.

Please note:  The supplies listed on this page are for the safety, comfort, and success of your child. Thank you.

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Last Modified: Oct 04, 2011