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Class Rules
Our Physical Education class abides by the following class rules:

-Respect the teacher
-Respect other students
-Respect school Property
-Respect the PE equipment
-Respect yourself (Diet, exercise, etc)

-Always try your Best
-Always participate
-Always persevere (Never give up)
-Always cooperate (With other students and with the teacher)
-Always try everything

-Always be a good sport (No bragging, be a good winner and a good loser)
-Always be honest even when no one is looking
-Always be kind (Especially with those students you do not know as well)
-Always communicate in a positive manner. (Nice try, Don't give up, let me show you)
-Always pick up after yourself or if you see things in the wrong place

-Always follow the class rules
-Always follow the class safety rules
-Always look with your eyes and listen with your ears when the teacher is speaking
-Always ignore distractions (Other students or things in your surroundings)
-Always follow directions
-Always be prepared for PE (PE is fun time but it's also learning time)
-Know what day PE is (Wear the right clothes and shoes)
-Always use the restroom way before PE not when your teacher is lining you up for PE

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Last Modified: Oct 04, 2011